Gellis Family Domain

“The Monsters will
always have a home.”

“The Monsters will always
have a home.”

The prospect of learning more sustainable farming for our tobacco fields high in the mountains of Northern Nicaragua lead us to Napa Valley.

This is the epicenter of biodynamic and sustainable farming on levels unseen elsewhere in the world.

But the family’s entrepreneurial spirit is something that I could not escape, it’s our bloodline. Where passion saunters, so does opportunity. Where opportunity reigns, so does risk. But this was a risk I had to take.

Inspired by my Monsters, Apollo and Sarto, I purchased my first two tons of fruit and began producing wine here in Napa. I wanted to craft a wine that honored the souls of my Monsters; Blue Monster was born.

Not soon after harvesting our first 2 tons of fruit for Blue Monster, I was given the opportunity to acquire an additional ton from one of my vineyard owners friends, and without hesitation I said, ‘YES!”, but Blue Monsters path was already set; what would I do?

A second wine. Until The End was formed from a single ton of fruit from a mountain vineyard with steep slopes. What became known as ‘Baby Monster’ to us, joined the domain with the 2016 vintage and never looked back.

As time went by, our bonds with the community grew stronger, evolving from mere acquaintances to an extended family of passionate individuals, including our dedicated winemaking team. And with each passing vintage, our wines have evolved into true reflections of our perseverance and commitment to building a foundation here in Napa Valley.

Reflecting upon the reasons that propelled me on this entrepreneurial odyssey, I am reminded of a timeless quote from the prestigious watchmaking house,Patek Philippe:

"You never actually own a Patek Philippe.You merely look after it for the next generation."

This profound statement has become the guiding light of my journey. I understand that I am but a temporary custodian, entrusted with the responsibility of nurturing this family domain that will endure for generations to come.

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