No matter what the fairy tales say...

“A monster might turn out to be
the best friend you ever had.”

Gellis Family Domain harvested it’s first vintage in 2014, founded by Kyle Gellis. The search for more sustainable and rejuvenative farming practices that he could employ in a remote part of the world brought him to Napa; but the journey had just begun…

The Story

The family’s entrepreneurial spirit is something that I could not escape, it’s our bloodline.


“Where passion saunters, so does opportunity.
Where opportunity reigns, so does risk.
But this was a risk I had to take.”

Kyle Gellis

The Wines

Our wines are rooted in the subtleties that define both the character of our block and the souls of the family and our Monsters.


“Inspired by our Monsters, Apollo and Sarto, I purchased my first two tons of fruit and began producing wine here in Napa. I wanted to craft a wine that honored the souls of my Monsters; While their appearance is intimidating and monstrous to the outside world, their souls within take ahold of you with their elegance and restraint of their own power and structure.”

Kyle Gellis

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